What’s changing for existing WedFlow customers?

The VidFlow release replaces the current WedFlow dashboard for a brand-new interface, fully redesigned from the ground-up. The client experience remains the same, along with our suite of TV apps that have been already re-branded to VidFlow.

Changes to Purchasing Upload Quota

With WedFlow, we offered pay-per-use pricing where you purchased upload quota for each gallery separately (in 5GB increments) when creating the gallery. With VidFlow, we continue to offer the same pay-per-use pricing model, but with On-Demand Credits. We offer multiple Credit Packs, where you can pre-pay for upload quota and use as needed.

1 Credit = 5GB of video upload per gallery - View pricing details here

Available Credit Packs (in USD):

Credit Pack Price (USD) Savings Video Upload
20 Credits $95 Save 37% ($4.75 per Credit)
Up to 100GB
10 Credits $55 Save 27% ($5.50 per Credit) Up to 50GB
5 Credits $30 Save 20% ($6 per Credit) Up to 25GB
2 Credits $14 Save 7% ($7 per Credit)
Up to 10GB
1 Credit $7.50 Up to 5GB

Note: Credits in the pack are not limited to just one project, and can be used with multiple projects.

Each standard gallery now comes with 0.5GB of video upload for free, and Credits can be used for additional upload.

For example, 

  • Projects between 0.5 to 5.5GB will cost 1 Credit, allowing you to upload up to 5GB of additional video.
  • Projects between 5.5 to 10.5GB will cost 2 Credits, allowing you to upload up to 10GB of additional video.
  • Projects between 10.5 to 15.5GB will cost 3 Credits, allowing you to upload up to 15GB of additional video, and so on.

Changes to Features

For the past two years, we have been offering some advanced premium features for no extra charge (i.e. video backgrounds, ambient music, link customization, etc). With VidFlow, we will be offering those advanced features as a PRO upgrade costing 2 Credits per gallery. You can view the difference between a Standard and PRO gallery here.
Video backgrounds, URL customization, and gallery music are now only available in PRO galleries
For customers who used the ' Private (with Email & Access Code)' privacy option to deliver galleries to a large number of individual clients, the option is now only available in PRO galleries. This allows you to privately give access to any number of individual customers, with access-control options. Regular password-protection remains a standard feature. 
Note: PRO features will also be soon available as a yearly fee option, for high-volume customers. Upgrading per gallery option will remain as well.

Replacing Videos (Revisions)

You can replace a video with a revised version for  free within 10 days of upload (or 30 days for PRO galleries) via the new Replace option. This allows you to easily replace a video for free, if you have made a mistake or require quick revision requested by clients. Deleting the videos no longer restores the quota.

Replacing the video after 10 days (or 30 days if PRO gallery) of upload will use additional quota or Credits.

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