Business Tier Free Trial - FAQs

Free Trial ends June 30th, 2022

What features were included in the Free Trial?

The following Business Tier features were included in Free Trial:

  • Custom-Domain Name
  • Client Space
  • Custom Favicon
  • Mobile Gallery Apps

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How do I upgrade to the Business Membership?

To view membership options, click on the user menu on the top-right and choose  Membership menu. 

If you are currently a Standard Tier member, you can then purchase the Business yearly membership for $195 USD/year. 

If you are a Professional Tier member, you can upgrade to the Business Tier at any time. Based on your upgrade time, you will automatically be credited for the difference at checkout. 

What happens if I don't upgrade before free trial ends?

How are my Custom-Domain Galleries affected?

If not upgraded to Business Tier by June 30th, your custom-domain will be disabled. Your client galleries will continue to be accessible via the '' domain, but not your custom-domain. If you have shared your custom-domain links with clients, you will need to re-share the default links with your clients. We will be offering the option to setup domain-forwarding in the near future.

What happens to the Mobile Gallery Apps?

If your clients have already installed their client gallery as mobile app on their device, it will continue to be accessible. However, clients won't be able to install it on any of their other mobile devices. Future clients and deliveries won't have access to the feature. 

What happens to the Client Space Portal?

The Client Space portal will continue to be accessible via our default VidFlow Client Portal (or visit:, with VidFlow branding. If you have setup your client space portal using your custom-domain, it will no longer be accessible. 

What happens to my Custom Favicon?

Your custom favicon image will be replaced with the default VidFlow favicon (displayed in the browser address bar and bookmarks).

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