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Getting Started


Learn what VidFlow offers, the Client Experience & Viewing Options.

5 articles

Signing Up

How to Sign Up, Getting Access and Trying out the Service

3 articles

Pricing & Memberships

Our Pricing Model, Credits and Premium Memberships

6 articles

Brand Settings

Setting up your Company Profile, Branding, and Domain

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Support & Legal

Getting Help, Resources, and Legal & Content FAQs

4 articles

Creation & Delivery

Delivery Basics

Delivery & Privacy, and Viewing & Download Options

8 articles

Creating a Client Gallery

Choosing a Layout, Color & Fonts, and Customization

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Uploading Videos

Recommended Formats, Uploading Videos, & Video Options

10 articles

Delivering to Client

Delivery & Privacy Options, Viewing Video Stats

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Selling Private Access

Provide Private-Access to Individual Clients, Sending to a Large List

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Client Experience

Viewing Options, How to Watch on TV, and Downloading Media

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Embedding Galleries

How to embed galleries on website, via Squarespace & more

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