Importing Video Chapters

◉ Importing from Spreadsheet (.csv)

Adding a lot of chapters to a video? List your video chapters along with timecodes in a spreadsheet and import them directly to your uploaded video.

How to prepare Spreadsheet 

  • Download the CSV template here
  • Edit the template and add your chapters along with respective timecodes (HH:MM:SS).
  • Once ready, save the template (as .csv)
  • Next import the .csv file using 'Import Spreadsheet' option.

Please make sure no comma symbols (,) are part of the chapter titles.

◉ Importing Premiere Pro Chapter Markers

If you use chapters markers when working with Adobe Premiere Pro, you can easily import them to your uploaded videos. 

  • Open your finished Premiere Pro project, with added chapter markers.
  • Click on File > Export > Markers...

  • In the export window, for File Type, choose 'Comma Separate Values (*.csv)', and click OK.

Importing Chapters on VidFlow

  • Open your gallery project, and click on the video.
  • This will open the video details window. Click on the Advanced tab to access Chapters.
  • In the Chapters panel, click on Import > Premiere Pro Markers (.csv)

  • Select the .csv file you exported from Premiere Pro
  • Your chapters will then be added to the video. You can make further adjustments to the chapter titles and timecode, if needed.
  • Clients can then access the chapters when viewing their video gallery:

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