Using Client Space

What is Client Space

Client Space is a fully-hosted and branded client portal, that you can link to your website. The portal features your company logo, name and a custom background, along with a login interface. Clients can log in & access their video galleries privately via your website. It gives your clients a central place to come and view their media at any time and keeps them on your company website.

For On-Demand customers, the White-labeling Add-on is required.

Portal Settings

1. Click on your company name button (located on the top left) 

2.  Choose  Client Space from the left sidebar

3. Customize the background image. 

4. View a live preview via ' View in New Tab' link.

Integrating with your Site

1. On your website, you can add a "Client Space" menu and link it to the " Your Client Space" URL (as shown below)

2. Users who will click on "Client Space" (on your website), will get directed to the page shown below.

3. To access their galleries, your Clients can login using the credentials that they receive in their delivery email.

Delivering with Client Space

In the Gallery, Click on Deliver tab >  People I choose privacy option > Click on Invite Clients. 

Each client receives their own unique access-code, allowing them to login to Client Space. 

Once logged in, clients can see any galleries delivered to them:

NoteFor any subsequent access, clients can simply visit your website, and login using the Client Space page to access their video gallery. 

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