Customizing Fonts and Colors

You can customize the Fonts and Colors of your client galleries via the Styles tab in the left sidebar.

Customizing Fonts Theme

Click on Fonts > Make a selection Heading Font and Body Font

Customizing Color Theme

Click on Colors > Pick a color for:

  • Accent Color: Color for buttons, links & UI accents.
  • Menu Background: Background color for menus, windows, & sidebars.
  • Menu Text: Text color for menus,windows, & sidebars.

Note: You can also choose the colours for your gallery from our pre-made palettes

Save & Manage Style Presets

1. After selecting Font and Color options, navigate back to Gallery styles main menu > Click Save as Preset

2. Name the Preset > Click Save Preset

NoteSaved presets can be accessed across all your projects. 
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