What is VidFlow and who is it for?

What is VidFlow?

VidFlow is a platform for videographers & businesses to professionally deliver videos to their clients, with a premium viewing experience on all their devices.

  • Deliver a stunning private video-website for each client
  • Accessible on mobile, desktop, and Smart TVs
  • Offer source file downloads
  • Showcase your brand and links
  • Offer clients long-term access to their media
  • A flexible pricing model that grows with you.

Who is it for? 

Our service is for any professional or business looking to elevate their client's video viewing experience. Some examples include:

  • Wedding Videographers
  • Event Videographers (life-events, trade shows, conferences)
  • Theater & Dance Recital Schools
  • Commercial Videographers (commercial videos, real-estate)
  • Videographers at Religious Organizations. 
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