Uploading with Desktop Uploader

Getting Access

Uploader app integration is invite-only and available to select customers only.

To get access request invite here.

Download and Install

Download and Install VidFlow Uploader:

Uploading Videos

Once you have installed the VidFlow Uploader app, follow these steps to upload videos to your gallery:

  • Open your gallery project in your browser, and navigate to the Upload tab.
  • Add any quota needed to the gallery via Quota Usage menu. 
  • Next, click on the 'Upload via Desktop Uploader' button

  • In the window that opens, click on 'Open Gallery in Uploader' button.

  • This will launch the VidFlow Uploader app. If the app is not running, a prompt may be shown asking you to open the link in VidFlow app. 

On Windows, you may need to add an exclusion for VidFlow Uploader app if blocked by Microsoft Defender. 

  • The gallery project will then be added to the VidFlow Uploader app. 

  • You can then click the 'Select Files' button and start uploading your project videos.
  • You can view upload progress, and also Pause and Cancel the upload as needed.

  • Important: In the web-browser, the uploads may appear to have failed while it's uploading via the Desktop Uploader. Please disregard this as it's due to the web-browser not having access to the progress information from the desktop app. 

  • When the upload finishes, desktop notifications are displayed. 

Closing Finished Projects 

You can upload videos to multiple projects at the same time. You can add galleries to the app via our web, and they get added to the left sidebar of the Uploader app. 

When you done uploading all the videos for a project, you can close and remove the project from the sidebar. 

Theme, Updates, and Automatic-Launch

The VidFlow Uploader offers both a Light and Dark Theme, along with the option to automatically launch at startup. Using the menu on the top-right, you can access more options.

Select a Theme:

  • Auto - Based on device's theme
  • Light Theme
  • Dark Theme

This option (Launch at Login) is enabled by default, and automatically launches the app when your computer starts. This keep the app running in the background to initiate uploads when needed.

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