Embed gallery on a Wordpress Website

Getting the Embed Code

Open a VidFlow gallery in your dashboard you want to embed to your Squarespace website, 

  • In the left sidebar, navigate to the Deliver tab.

  • In the 'Embed on Website' section, click the Copy Code button to copy the embed code.

Embedding on Wordpress

Go to your Wordpress website editor, and follow these steps:

  • Edit a page or section, click an + button at the section where you want to embed the gallery.
  • In the menu, search for Custom HTML and click on that option

  • This will add a Custom HTML block on your page
  • Next, paste the gallery embed code here

  • Next, click the 'Preview' button in the block options to view the embedded gallery.  

  • The embed is responsive, and automatically adapts to tablet and mobile screens. 
Note: The embed will automatically update if you make any changes to the gallery in the future. No need to update the embed code. 
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