How to save & use Email Templates

Our built-in email delivery option allows you display your branding, customize the color theme, display a cover image, and add a personalized message for your clients.

To make your delivery workflow faster, you can save your customizations and email message as saved templates. For example, you can save one template for your wedding clients and another for your commercial clients.

Template not getting saved? - Please remove any emoji characters before saving, as they are not supported with this feature. They can be added after for delivery.

1. Personalize the Email Message and Color Theme

Change the background and accent color to match your brand, and add a personalized message for your clients.

2. Save your Email Template

Click on the Save as Template input at the top-left, enter a title for your template and click Save.

3. Apply the Saved Template

Click on the saved template to apply the saved template. This will instantly update the email preview to match your template theme and also add the saved personalized message.

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