How to watch on your Smart TV?

1. Search & Install VidFlow TV App

Search for 'VidFlow' on your Smart TV or streaming device. 

View the All Compatible TVs & Streaming Devices.

2. Launch the VidFlow TV App

Once installed, launch the VidFlow TV app. You will a 6-Digit Code displayed on the screen. 

3. Link your Video Gallery to TV

On your phone or computer, open the video gallery you received, and tap the TV button on the top right. On mobile devices, the TV button is available in top-right menu.

This will open the ' Watch on TV' window.

Next, enter the 6-Digit Code displayed on the TV screen here, and click 'Add to TV':

Within 30 secs, your video gallery will appear on your TV.

This is a one-time process, and you can access your videos on your TV via the VidFlow app anytime.

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