Sharing & Embedding Individual Videos

Sharing an Individual Video

  • In your gallery's Upload tab, click on the video you want to share.
  • This will open the video details window, as shown below.
  • At the bottom-left, click on the Share & Embed button > Copy Share Link
  •  This will copy the shareable video link, which can be shared with clients. 

Please note that the direct share links do not support downloads, and are only available via gallery delivery. 

Getting the Embed Code

  • Open a project, and click on the video you want to embed
  • In the bottom-left corner, click on Share & Embed > Copy Embed Code

  • You can then paste the embed code to the section where you want to embed the video. 

Embedding Videos on a Squarespace Website

Go to your Squarespace website editor, and follow these steps:

  • Edit a page or section, click an add (+) button at the section where you want to embed the gallery.

  • This will open a popup menu, with various options. Click on the 'Embed' option:

  • This will display the Embed Content panel. Click on the Code button on the right (i.e. </>), as highlighted below.

  • This will display the Embed Data panel, and you can paste your gallery's embed code here. This will embed your video to the page/section.
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