Adding Thumbnails to Videos

We offer three ways for you to add thumbnails to your videos:

1. Use Auto-Generated 'Suggested' Images

  • When your video finishes uploading, you will see a ' View Suggested' button above the thumbnail section. 
  • Clicking the button displays 3 suggested thumbnail images from the video. 
  • You can simply click and apply the thumbnail image to the video. 

2. Capture Frame from Video

  • Once your video has finished processing and is available for playback, click the 'Capture Frame' button
  • This will switch the video preview to Capture Mode. Playback the video and seek to the desired frame, and preferably pause the video at that frame. 
  • Next, click the 'Use Frame as Thumbnail' button. The frame image will be then be applied as the video thumbnail. 

3. Upload a Custom Image

You can also upload a custom image as your video thumbnail. Click the 'Upload Image' button (or 'Replace Image') and choose an image from your computer/device. 

Custom images must be in PNG, JPG, or JPEG format (up to 40MB in size).
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