Sending Emails in Batch via Spreadsheet Import

Delivering to a large email list? Use a CSV Spreadsheet to quickly import your email recipients. 

  • Download our Sheet Template here
  • Edit the template and add your contacts (up to 50 per sheet)
  • Use the import option and select the spreadsheet (.csv) file
  • Send Invite email.

Adding 50+ recipients? - Create multiple .csv sheets with up to 50 recipients each, and import them individually. 

For example, if you are delivering to a list of 75 contacts, create one sheet with 50 contacts and another with 25. You can then import both individually when delivering the project.

Preparing Spreadsheet

Please Download our Sheet Template here, editable via Google Sheets, Excel, and other spreadsheet apps. 

Using Google Sheets

Each row is for a single contact, with the recipient name in first column and recipient email address in second column

Once you have added your recipients, click on File menu > Download > Comma-separated values (.csv). This will download a .csv file to your computer, that you can import via our interface.

Using MS Excel

You can the follow the same Name and Email format as above when preparing the spreadsheet. When ready, click on the File menu > Save As > File Format: Comma Separated Values (.csv) > Save.

Importing Sheet 

In the email compose window, click the ' Import' button in the left pane. Next, click the 'Import sheet' button and select the .CSV file you have prepared. Your email contacts will then be added to your recipients list. 

You can then proceed to personalize your email message and send the email invite when ready. 

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