What are Credits?

Instead of paying a monthly or yearly subscription fees, we offer a commitment-free and pay-per-use pricing option for video upload and hosting. We do so in form of On-Demand Credits
Credits allow you to purchase video upload in 5GB units without any commitment or subscription fees. You can purchase individual credits, or purchase in bulk for discounted pricing.

Using Credits:

  • Each Standard gallery comes with 0.5 GB of video upload for free and Credits can be used for additional uploads. 
  • To add additional video quota to a gallery, navigate to the Upload tab.

On the right, click on "Add Quota" drop-down button. 

  • Select the amount of quota you need for the project. 
  • You can also purchase Credits in bulk for discounted pricing, and use them to add video quota. 

Credit Packs

If you deliver often, you can purchase Upload Credits in bulk, offering discounted pricing (up to 37% off). 

Using Credits in Galleries:

Your Credits Balance is displayed in the top-navbar:

In the gallery's Upload tab, 

  • Click on the '+ Add Quota' menu. 
  • Use your Credits to add video quota to the gallery.

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