What are Credits?

For customers who deliver often, we offer Bulk Credits with discounted pricing. Purchased Credits remain in your account balance, and can be used as needed for your galleries.

1 Credit = 5GB of video upload per gallery

e.g. 10GB gallery = 2 Credits


  • Get discounted pricing - with savings up to 37% off
  • Faster workflow - easily add quota in one-click


Using Credits

Available Credit Packs

Using Credits:

  • Once purchased, your Credits balance is display in the top navbar.

  • Within your project, select the files you want to upload.
  • Then use the Credits to upload your videos.
In this example, 3 Credits are used to add quota & upload.

Quota Usage menu:

  • In the gallery's Upload tab, click on "Quota Usage" drop-down button. 
For example, a 10GB project would require 2 Credits
  • Select the amount of quota you need for the gallery. 
  • Once quota is added, you can proceed to upload your media.

Credit Packs

We currently offer the following bulk Credit Packs:

If you are high-volume business, you can also contact us for larger Credit Packs options.

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