On-Demand - What are Credits?

With On-Demand pricing, you can purchase Credits allowing you to pay-per-use without any large upfront cost or commitment. This is the ideal plan for small to mid-size businesses.

1 Credit = 5GB of video upload per gallery

e.g. 10GB gallery = 2 Credits


Credit Packs

How to use Credits

Do Credits expire?

Credit Packs

We currently offer the following Credit Packs:

Purchase a pack based on your needs, and top-up when needed.

Using Credits:

Once purchased, your Credits balance is display in the top navbar.

  • Within your project, select the files you want to upload.
  • This will display the amount of Credits required for the upload.
  • Confirm and use the Credits to upload your videos.
In this example, 3 Credits are used to add quota & upload.

Do Credits expire?

Credits purchases are valid for 2 years from the date of purchase. They are used in the order of old to new.

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