Formatting your Company Logo & Favicon

On the Company Settings page, follow these steps to Upload/Replace/Remove your Company Logo/Favicon. 

1. Uploading a Logo/Favicon

  • Click on Upload Logo/Upload Favicon 
  • Select the image > Save.

2. Replacing a Logo/Favicon

  • Click on Upload Logo/Upload Favicon
  • Select the image > Save.

3. Removing a Logo/Favicon

  • Click on the Remove button highlighted in the image.

Recommended Logo Image Dimensions

When uploading your logo to the 'Company Profile', follow these recommendations to make sure your logo is displayed as intended:

  • Format your logo to fit inside a square image (500 x 500px or larger)
  • Use an image with a solid background, and not a transparent image. Logos using transparent images may not display as intended on web and TV platforms.
  • Use a circular mask above the square image and resize to make sure no part of your logo is cropped out (as shown below):

If you have a wide logo, follow these recommendations:

You can either choose to scale the logo down to fit inside the circular mask, as shown below:

Or, you can only use the symbol part of your logo, as shown below:

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