Can clients download their videos?

Clients can download both the source files (i.e. originals uploaded by you), along with compressed versions at the same resolution. 

Original Sources files are available for 1 year, while compressed versions are available for the entire access period.

Downloading Videos

Desktop Devices

1. Open the gallery on your computer and click on the Downloads button in the top right corner

2. The dialog with download options is displayed.

On clicking the Download button, two options pop up.

  • Original - Original Raw file for offline backup
  • Mobile-Friendly - Compressed version with smaller file-size

3. Make the selection and Video gets saved to the Downloads folder (or another specified folder) on your device.

Downloading on Mobile Devices

  • On your video gallery, click on the 'Downloads' (Cloud icon) button.

  • Choose the 'Mobile-Friendly' option.
  • The 'Original' download option is better suited for desktop devices.

For downloading on mobile devices, learn more here.

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