Workflows for Multi-Show Deliverables

Setting up Your Project:

When delivering private-access for paid deliverables (such as Dance Recitals or Theatre Performances), you may have multiple shows or videos that clients can purchase. 

For example, a Dance Recital project may have 4 separate shows: Show A, Show B, Show C, and Show D. Clients may choose to purchase one or combination of multiple shows. For multi-show deliverables, we recommend the following workflow:

  1. Create a workspace folder for the project (via the left sidebar)
  2. Within the folder, create a separate gallery for each show 

This workflow allows you to deliver each show privately to end-clients based on their purchase. Each gallery can be a single-video gallery or a collection of multiple videos. 

Sharing Individual Private-Access:

Once you have received your purchase orders, you can use the 'People I choose' privacy option to share private-access with clients. This privacy option provides each client with their own unique access-code linked with their email address. You are able to view who has access, send new updates, and also revoke access at any time.  

Clients receive their access via a branded invitation email. You can learn more about 'People I Choose' delivery option here

You can use this option to separately share access for each Show with clients, based on their purchase. 

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