Selling Individual Private Access to Clients?

When selling private video galleries to clients, having a single password for all clients is not a secure option. Clients may easily share their access with others, and updating the password will result in changing or losing access for all clients. 

Introducing 'People I Choose'

For selling private-access to individual clients, ' People I choose' privacy option allows you to provide each client with their own unique access password & the ability to revoke access at any time. 

Delivery Workflow

When this privacy option is enabled for a gallery, you are able to send a branded email invitation to select clients.

  • To begin, click the '+ Invite Clients' button
  • This will open the email invite window. Add recipients, and personalize the email message.
  • Click 'Send Invite' to send the email(s) to clients.

Client Experience

Each invited client receives a branded email, with a unique access-code (unique for each recipient). Clients can then login using their email and access-code and view the video gallery.

Once invited, you are able to view the list of clients who have been given access to the gallery. You are able to send further email updates to select or all clients (i.e. if new media is added to their gallery). You can also 'Revoke' access from a client at any time.

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