Delivering Individual Private Access to Clients

When selling private video galleries to clients, having a single password for all clients is not a secure option. Clients may easily share their access with others, and updating the password will result in changing or losing access for all clients. 

Introducing 'People I Choose'

For selling or providing private-access to individual clients, ' People I choose' delivery option allows you to provide each client with their own unique access password & the ability to revoke access at any time. 

For On-Demand customers, the White-labeling Add-on is required.

Delivery Workflow

  1. Collect Client Info - For all the clients who have purchased the video, save their names and email addresses in a spreadsheet. Save the spreadsheet in .CSV format, with one column for Name and second column for Email.
  2. Create the Video Gallery: Create a new gallery, and upload the videos for the project. Personalize the gallery with any of our available layouts, custom title, fonts and colors.
  3. Delivery: Navigate to the Deliver tab and change the privacy to People I Choose. When this privacy option is enabled for a gallery, you are able to send a branded email invitation to select clients.
  • To begin, click the '+ Invite Clients' button
  • This will open the email invite window, allowing you to add a personalize message for your clients.
  • Under Add Recipients, click on Import and select the .CSV file you had created for your customer list (learn more here).
  • Click 'Send Invite' to send the email(s) to clients.

Client Experience

Each invited client receives a branded email, with a unique access-code (unique for each recipient):

Clients can then login using their email and access-code and view the video gallery:

Once invited, you are able to view the list of clients who have been given access to the gallery. 

  • You are able to send further email updates to select or all clients (i.e. if new media is added to their gallery). 
  • You can also 'Revoke' access from a client at any time.

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